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The philosophy of Companions Grooming involves three major components: health and safety, style, and a connection to the community. We believe that grooming is important as a way of alerting pet owners to underlying or developing health issues, behavioral issues, possible allergies, and to the general well-being of their pets.  We also strive to keep our city’s pets happy and stylish, providing high-quality workmanship, and paying close attention to the individual needs of both the pet and the pets’ human companions.  Finally, it is our firm belief that pets are beneficial and therapeutic for their owners and play a significant role in our lives and the community.  Pets provide comfort, companionship, and connection and we place great importance on the relationship of care and trust that we have established with our clients over the last 20+ years.



  • As professionals in the pet care industry, the goal of Companions Grooming is to offer a stress-free grooming experience for your pet.  The safety and comfort of your pet is our first and foremost concern, and therefore we will not perform any grooming procedure that may cause your pet stress or discomfort that we deem excessive, which may include nail trimming in certain cases.  

  • Occasionally a pet’s coat may be too matted to humanely detangle, and we may need to clip or shave the coat short in order to “start over” and to relieve the animal of any discomfort resulting from a matted coat .  We will always contact you to discuss the situation and for consent before such grooming is performed. Please be aware that such matting can often hide or cause issues such as, but not limited to, skin conditions, sores, hematomas, or itching which may become apparent with the removal of a matted coat.  Companions Grooming will not be held responsible for conditions or effects related to a matted coat.

  • While Companions Grooming does everything possible to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet, occasional minor nicks and scrapes, allergic reactions, bleeding from toenails, and stress can happen.  Companions Grooming will not be held responsible for the aforementioned or other conditions resulting from typical grooming procedures, or from pre-existing conditions.

  • We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment.  A fee of up to $50 (per appointment, per pet) may apply for cancellations made without 24 hours notice or if you miss an appointment without notice (no-show). Providing 24 hours notice for changes or cancellations will allow us to schedule our days more efficiently, thus cutting down on wait time for customers trying to schedule appointments.  

  • All prices are subject to change.

  • You, the owner or owner’s agent, will advise Companions Grooming of any issues your pet may have.  This may include (but is not limited to) medical, physical, behavioral, or emotional issues, allergies, sensitivities, previous surgeries or pre-existing conditions.

  • You, the owner or owner’s agent, guarantee that the pet has received all vaccinations recommended by your veterinarian and assume all responsibility for issues that may arise if your pet has not received said vaccinations.  Proof of current vaccination status is REQUIRED. You also guarantee that your pet is free from parasites such as fleas, ticks, and tapeworms. Companions Grooming reserves the right to refuse to work with pets who have not received vaccinations or who are found to have, or are suspected to have, parasites such as the ones mentioned above.

  • Companions Grooming also reserves the right to refuse to work with animals for any reason including, but not limited to, behavioral issues, health issues which may cause undue stress to an animal, and abusive or offensive language or behavior toward  our staff by customers or pet owners.

  • Companions Grooming staff are trained and certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. In the unlikely event of an emergency, Companions Grooming will make every effort to contact the pet's owner or their agent.  However, if the owner or owner's agent cannot be reached, Companions Grooming is authorized to transport the pet to the most appropriate veterinary facility for treatment, noting that this may include an emergency veterinary facility.  Veterinary expenses will be the responsibility the pet's owner or owner's agent.

  • You, the owner or owner’s agent, understand and agree to terms listed above, and in consideration of the grooming services of Companions Grooming, agree to hold Companions Grooming, Hair of the Dog, and its agents or associates harmless from damage, loss, or claims from (but not limited to) any known or unknown pre-existing conditions, or incidents resulting from typical grooming procedures. 

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